Sterile Hand Sanitizer w/ 70% Alcohol, 4 oz., (Case of 50)

By Blaster Products Item #: BLPHS4

Features and Benefits:

  • Sterile Hand Sanitizer
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer packaged in 4 ounce bottles
  • Family Protection
  • May kill 99.9% of germs
  • 70% Alcohol
  • Receive 50 x 4 oz. bottles (total 200 oz.)

It's not always convenient to use soap and water to wash your hands. Forthose occasions, alcohol-based liquid sanitizers can provide a convenientalternative to soap. These products are typically effective at killing a largenumber of germs when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Due tothe presence of alcohol in their formulas, the liquids evaporate quickly, sothere is no need to rinse or dry your hands after use.

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