BAT 135 Battery Tester with Integrated Printer

By Bosch Item #: BOS1699200244

Features & Benefits:

  • Tests 6V, 12V batteries and 12V, 24V charging systems
  • Tests battery capacities from 40-2,000 CCA
  • Presents State of Health and State of Charge percentage
  • Integrated printer to capture test results and customer records
  • Test all automotive, light-duty and commercial batteries including: AGM, Gel Cell, Flooded lead-acid, Start/Stop EFB, Commercial, SLI

The BAT 135 battery tester with integrated printer tests 6V and 12V batteries from 40 - 2,000 CCA including AGM, Gel cell, flooded lead-acid, start/stop EFB and Commercial SLI batteries using a micro-load test for proven, accurate results. It will also test 12V and 24V charging systems with a diode/ripple test. The integrated printer captures test results for customer records, presenting state of health and state of charge percentage. Test clamps are detachable for service or replacement.





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