Bosch 3824-08OHW, ESI Truck Off Highway 1-Year Software License

By Bosch Item #: BOS3824-08OHW

Features & Benefits:

  • 1-year (12 month) subscription for adding or renewing Off-Highway software to Bosch ESI[truck] models* 3824 and 3824BSC
  • This software enables users to diagnose Off Highway Vehicles, including Agricultural, Construction, Street Sweepers, Stationary Engines, and more.
  • Enables advanced diagnosis and bi-directional controls of Off Highway Vehicles, such as Agricultural, Construction, Street Sweepers, Stationary Engines, and more.
  • Note, this product is not compatible with the 3823 and 3823BSC ESI[truck] Pro Kits.

For use with:

  • Bosch 3824CBL-UPG ESI[truck] Off-Highway Upgrade Cable Kit
  • Bosch 3824 or 3824BSC ESI[truck] Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tools (not compatible with 3823 or 3823BSC)
Kit includes: 
  • 1 year software license card - includes all off-highway software renewals within the period, adding vehicles, tests and controls to help diagnose more vehicles
  • Get Started guide


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