Bosch VET 100 Circuit Analysis Tool

By Bosch Item #: BOS3920

Features and Benefits:

  • Save time and quickly identify failed circuit component, wiring harness or ECM
  • Use with any scan tool during data stream analysis
  • Simulates the sensor you are diagnosing by inputting a determined voltage at the sensor location
  • Allows input voltage from .5VDC - 7VDC in .5VDC increments
  • With scan tool, verify if correct voltage is being applied to circuit

The Bosch VET 100 Circuit Analysis Tool is perfect for data stream analysis using your scan tool. With quick and easy setup, you can identify faulty sensors, wiring harnesses, and/or issues with PCMs as the next step after code/ no code scan tool diagnostics. The tool helps troubleshooting accuracy by pinpointing circuit diagnostic component failure.

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