3mo qty of best selling Brisket- Flavors of choice

By Curien Item #: CRIBRISKBUY3

Features and Benefits:

  • Free Shipping as well as email & text tracking included
  • Change Monthly Flavors as you desire, Dedicated Jerky Specialist included
  • The softest jerky we have to offer
  • Naturally smoked Brisket whole muscle cut
  • All natural ingredients
  • “OG” gets its name, it’s the basic spice combination that gives it a neutral “meaty”
    flavor with the right amount of salt
  • "Sweet N Spicy" like the name reads: it's first sweet then gives you a moderate spice. (like a 4.5 out of 10). Not over bearing in anyway, and not considered
  • “HOT” it’s a mild spice, just enough to say “hmm, hello” but still hot – uses crushed red pepper flakes and peppers to give you a 8/10
  • “Teriyaki” – A gluten free Tamari soy sauce is used in this AWESOME tasting jerky that melts in your mouth
  • 3X 50 Pack Case (150 BAGS TOTAL)

* NOTATE 1st Flavor To receive in order notes (1 Flavor Only) Curien will reach out to coordinate additional flavors *

3 month supply of the best jerky you’ve ever tried delivered directly to your door with tracking and service at the highest level. Choice of flavor options and dedicated Jerky Specialist available to help you stay on track with inventory and ensure you get what you need when you need it.

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