KTI Auto Darkening Welding Goggles Kit w/ Fire Retardant Hood and Bump Cap, Goggles, Protective Sheild and Carrying Bag

By K Tool International Item #: KTI70046

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable shade 5-13 for grinding to TIG welding
  • Time and sensitivity fully adjustable
  • Hood includes bump cap for safety
  • Lightweight and ideal for working in confined spaces
  • Kit contains: fire retardant hood and bump cap, auto darkening welding goggles, protective shield and carrying bag

The K Tools InternationalAuto-Darkening Welding Mask Kit is a high-tech product manufactured withspectral filtering technology, photoelectric sensors and control unittechnology. The photoelectric sensors makes liquid crystal change from brightto dark state as soon as it receives arclight. It also changes from dark tobright state when welding is finished to protect the eyes of users fromarclight, splash and harmful radiations of IR/UV lighting.

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