KTI 70057 Self Igniting Propane Torch Head

By K Tool International Item #: KTI70057

Features and Benefits:

  • Self igniting propane torch head with piezo igniter for instant flame
  • Safety lock feature to prevent accidental ignition
  • Ignition button lock for continuous use
  • Replacement brass tip
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • 1-Year Warranty

This egonimically designed selfigniting propane torch head carries a piezo igniter which instantly enablesyour flame. It utilizes a safety lock feature to prevent accidental ignitionand can be locked for continous use. It's sturdy ergonomic design was createdfor long term use and comfort while holding up against the elements. This torchcomes with a replacement brass tip the perfect addition to any toolbox.

WARNING for California residents.
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