Replacement Dye Cartridges

By Robinair Item #: ROB16350

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful 50-watt/12-volt UV lamp with cord and battery clips
  • Injection gun with R-134a hose and R-12 adapter
  • Four universal A/C dye twist-on cartridges. Enough dye for 20 applications
  • UV enhancing glasses with dye cleaner
  • Service stickers

Z ZKTs complete UV detection kit, find auto leaks quickly, without mess, measuring, or calculations.

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Full Specs

leak detection electric

Notification method Visual_Light
Leak Sensitivity Dna
Probe Length Dna
Sensor Type Dna
Item Leak Detector
Refrigerant Type R-12 / R134a
Power Supply 12V_Vehicle_Power
Product Name Dna
Standards Dna


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