3/8" Rotary Spot Weld Cutter

By SG Tool Aid Item #: SGT18000

Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly removes spot welds holding sheet metal
  • Can also cut small access holes in sheet metal
  • Has double ended 3/8" blade and 1/4" arbor with retractable pilot
  • When one side of blade becomes dull turn blade 180 degrees for fresh cutting surface
  • Blades interchange with other spot weld arbors
Arbor fits all 1/4" drills.
WARNING for California residents.
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Full Specs

Hole Saws and Hole Cutters

Product Name DNA
Item Spotweld Cutter
Hole Diameter Size 3/8"
Depth of Cut DNA
Package type dna
Product series DNA
Kit Kit
Units per Package 2


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