Power Probe TEK III with Lead set

By Power Probe Item #: PPRPP3LS01

Featuresand Benefits:

  • Instantly power up, and ground, components with the press of a switch.
  • Find bad grounds, test polarity, and check continuity.
  • The easy to read back-lit voltmeter reads voltage in 1/10th volt increments from 1/10th of a volt up to 70v.
  • The PPLS01 Gold Series Lead Set:
  • Two self centering piercing probes handle wires from 28-8awg.
  • Stack-able 1, 3 6 ft leads enable you to customize your leads from 1-10ft.
  • Compatible with both the PP319 and the ECT2000.
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Full Specs

Circuit Testers

Safety Computer Safe
Cord Type Memory
Polarity Indicator Polarity Indication
Size general standard
Lighting Lighted
Alarm No_Alarm
Item Power Injector
Kit set/kit
Probe Length 6"
Voltage 6/12/24 Volt


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