Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter

By Bosch Item #: BOSF00E900101

Features and Benefits:

  • IEC 1010-1 CAT III (1000V) / CAT IV (600V) rating for hybrid vehicle circuits - Ability to diagnose high-voltage circuits on hybrid vehicles
  • RPM Inductive Clamp, Measures Dwell and Duty Cycle
  • Fused diagnostic test leads for ATC and Mini fuse types provides safe trouble shooting (up to 20 amps) at the circuit fuse location
  • Peak, Min/Max readings as fast as 1 millisecond for Quick accurate measurement
  • Large LCD display with bright backlighting and auto shutdown

The Bosch MMD 540H Hybrid Multimeter is a CAT III safetyrated, auto ranging digital multimeter designed for automotive diagnostics andelectrical troubleshooting. Whether your shop services automotive, fleet,motorcycle, marine or small engine, the MMD 540H has the capability to keep upwith your business.

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