Racatac Kneeling Sitting Creeper

By Racatac Inc. Item #: RCT01RAC3

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong aluminum frame weighs only 8-1/2 lbs. and enables you to move, spin and shift your leverage to different positions
  • Adjustable seat allows you to roll to move instead of crawling and bouncing on your knees
  • Features 3 in. Polyurethane casters and tool tray
  • Thick foam kneepads
  • Adds speed and comfort to those tedious kneeling jobs

The Racatac is an innovative kneeling/sitting creeper that enables you to roll around and work in a one or two knee postion while taking pressure off of your knees, feet and back.

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Full Specs

Creeper Seats

Seat Type Adjustable
Color Black
Seat Style bicycle
Custom Graphics dna
Wheel Diameter 3"
Number of Wheels 5
Dimension Diameter nav
Dimension Length nav
Dimension Height nav
Dimension Width nav


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