The ft.Original Maxi ft. Dent Pulling Station

By Dent Fix Item #: DENDF-505

Features and Benefits:

  • Very powerful - 220 volt power
  • Provides the technician with the power they need to shrink, pull rocker panels, hail damage, creases, dents in hard to access areas and all types of metal damage
  • The efficiency of this tool increases the workers productivity while producing a cleaner, better repair
  • Portable
  • Made in the USA with a five year warranty.
  • cFrom light to heavy pulls The Maxi has the power and the accesories to do it all. Pull by hand with pull rod or attach the slide hammer rod for heavier action. Pull creases evenly with the "Wiggle Wire" and Bear Claw" system. The leverage bar assists in power pulling, but also allows delicate pulls along moulding lines. Weld stud pins to create a strong pulling tab or use the shrinking tip to correct over-stretched metal. 21 feet of power and 9 feet of weld cable make sure the technician can reach anywhere on the vehicle. Made in the USA with a five year warranty.

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