RhinoGear Oil Drain Pan "Crude Control" 58 Qt.

Item #: RHG42008

Features and Benefits:

  • Center Draw to collect fluid with cap
  • Four large handle grips help control pouring to make oil clean up/transfer easier
  • 1-1/2" spout fits standard opening of 55 gallon drum
  • Has a back vent for smooth filling and pouring
  • Built-in roller for easy maneuverability

If you change oil in vehicles, this 58 Quart Crude Control Drain Pan will store up to 10 oil changes before it needs emptying.  Built in wheels make it easy to move around, and the 4 handles and 1-1/2" pour spout makes it faster, easier and cleaner to transfer the oil into a 55 gallon drum or to transport for recycling. 

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