Air Brake Spring Tool

By OTC Item #: OTC5081

Features and Benefits:

  • Safely replace brake shoes on heavy-duty tractors and trailers
  • Simply hook the retaining spring loop and press down against the axle
  • Distinct design allows you to use it as a lever against the axle for disconnecting the spring loop from the brake shoe
  • Requires little effort and makes brake spring jobs easy
  • Wt., 1 lb., 4 oz.
  • The OTC S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool helps in the safe replacement of brake shoes on heavy-duty vehicles such as trailers and tractors. This heavy duty brake spring tool works effectively for brake spring removal and installation. This little tool does away with unsafe methods, pry bars, grip wrenches, or screwdrivers for unhooking and reconnecting the two in.;Q in.; brake shoe retaining springs.

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