18 Pc. Master Brake Caliper Tool Set

By Sunex Item #: SUN3930

Features and Benefits:

  • Drive keys and adapters for nearly all domestic and import vehicles
  • Embedded magnets on each thrust bolt to hold keys and adapters in place
  • Rotates the caliper piston back into position for changing brake pads
  • Heavy-duty, blow-mold case included for easy storage
  • Significantly reduces brake job completion time.

Right Rotating Caliper(39301), 2 1/2" Brake CaliperAdapter(393010), 2 5/32" Brake Caliper Adapter(393011), 1 7/8" BrakeCaliper Adapter(393012), 1 3/16" Brake Caliper Adapter(393013), Opel BrakeCaliper Adapter(393014), Nissan Maxima Brake Caliper Adapter(393015), CitroenAdapter(393016), Ford Brake Caliper Adapter(393017), Honda Brake CaliperAdapter(393018), Left Rotating Caliper(39302), Disc(39303), 1 13/32" BrakeCaliper Adapter(39304), 2" Brake Caliper Adapter(39305), 2 3/16"Brake Caliper Adapter(39306), 1 21/32" Brake Caliper Adapter(39307), 121/32" Brake Caliper Adapter(39308), 1 1/4" Brake CaliperAdapter(39309) and Blow Mold Case.

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