.023" Steel ER70S-6 Welding Wire 2 Lb. (4" Spool)

By Mountain Item #: MTNWEW-6210

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact 4" spool of .023" diameter ER70S-6 mild steel MIG welding wire for portable machines
  • General purpose MIG welding wire for all mild steel materials
  • Designed to produce highest tesile strength welds of all plain carbon steel wires
  • Provides high quality welds even when used on oxidized or oily surfaces
  • Product requires shield gas of carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or Argon (AR)

ER70S-6 general purpose steel MIG welding wire .023" is designed to provide porosity-free, high tensile strength welds on all mild steels even on slightly oxidized or oily surfaces. Product may be used in all directions but does require the use of carbon dioxide (Co2) and/or Argon (Ar) shield gas.

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